Why Cherry Petals

Why did I name our little flower farm Cherry Petals Flower Farm?? Well, for such a long time I had talked about growing and selling flowers. I started talking about a lavender field and eventually that progressed to a cut flower garden. One of the main reasons that I wanted to have some type of business was for my future children. I wanted them to learn the value of hard work and the importance of managing money. I also had a strong desire to do something creative and not just sitting behind a desk looking at spreadsheets all day (my undergrad is in accounting and masters in taxation). One thing I do love about this new part of my life is that it actually combines all the things I like doing- flowers, growing, research, planning, math, business and even tax. So, during the winter of 2016 I spent about 80+hours researching and bought my first seeds. I then applied to the Salt Lake Farmers Market and started my seeds under some grow lights. I still didn’t have a name at this point and went back and forth on so many. When I applied for the farmers market I applied under ‘Storey Orchards’, which is my grandparents’ cherry orchard where I would be growing my flowers. I really liked names with the word ‘blossom’, ‘field’ or ‘petals’ and I was almost set on Petal Fields Flower Farm but my boss said it sounded like I was saying ‘pedophile’. After many more hours my husband suggested Cherry Petals Flower Farm since I would be growing up in the cherry orchard and the name stuck. I now grow most of my flowers in our back yard since we have since moved and have more space, but the cherry orchard will always be part of the ‘Storey’.